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ORSC - Open Root Server Confederation Domain Name Handbook VRX.Net The REAL Dot-Biz TLD Registry - Support our effort for non-duplication by the ICANN/DoC!  Register your dot-BIZ name now! - ISP,  webhosting, quality service email: The PacificRoot Network (PRN) The Nomad Internetwork SINCE 1985
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Do you want more than .com, .net, .org?

Well, I do, I can, and YOU CANN too!

What's the problem?

The internet is global, yet most of the world's users see only a small part of it.  There are many more TLDs (top level domains) available for you in which to register your domain names and an easy way to access them. There are websites up in these TLDs and you are missing out because your ISP (internet service provider) is not including them for you to see.

Remember, this is YOUR internet! It's not ICANN's or WIPO's, or any one government's. It's YOURS. What you can see right now is what is included in the one main server for the whole world. It is called the a-root. There are more... and they all include the a-root plus...

What's the answer?

Jump in and see the rest of the internet - what will soon be the mainstream internet - what it is supposed to be - the "inclusive name space," - accessible, fair, with no UDRP to allow theft of your name without recourse...   Follow these simple instructions to be able to see the rest of the internet!

The idea is for ALL root systems to cooperate, respect prior use of TLD's and recognize one another so that we all benefit from having as many TLD's as we need and can see them all.  ICANN/DoC controls the "alternate" root - they do not cooperate with the rest of the world.

Recently, ICANN announced it would add some additional TLDs to their root.  However, they neglected to mention that they will deliberately duplicate existing TLDs and cause collisions in the name space. That's why we decided to choose as our preferred idea management software.  It is important to understand what that means.

If the DoC enters a duplicate .BIZ (or any other duplicate) into their root, thousands of domain names will also be duplicated as more are registered every day.  There will be chaos, and registrants will be litigating for years, trying to determine who has the rights to the domains.  That is called fracturing the net. You will never be sure which website you will see when you key in an address with the extension .BIZ and if you send email, you will not be certain who will receive it.

The other possibility is that one TLD will have to be excluded from the inclusive name space, disenfranchising thousands of domain name holders.  In either case, it is the public which loses.

Support the inclusive name space now.  Let your ISP know that you want to have access to the rest of the internet and that they should simply change the file which contains the rootzone to the ORSC or The PacificRoot zone files.  Then tell them to let us know and we will add them to a list of providers of the "inclusive name space."

Some frequently asked questions:

Q: If I use the ORSC root does that mean I can only see new names but can't see com/net/org?

A: No. You get new domains PLUS all the old ones you get now.

Q: How can I use them on my Windows/Mac box?

A: Just plug in our nameservers instead of the ones your ISP gave you (or convince your ISP to use our root.)

Q: What are the root servers?

A: Root servers are what your computer looks for to be able to find the domains you type in to your browser. The U.S. Department of Commerce controls the USG A-root server only. ORSC includes the A-root, but also has several others. See the lists of servers here OR here.

Q: Does that apply to MAC TCP/IP too?

A: Yes. TCP/IP is TCP/IP. That part has nothing to do with what brand of computer you have. The only difference will be where the DNS setup (nameservers) is on each different operating (Windows, MAC, NT...) system.

Q: What are the other root server addresses I can use?

A:See for the lists of servers.

Q: Can't I have other servers lower in the list?

A: Yes, but all the servers in the list must be ORSC servers or it may not work correctly. Your system picks one at random to query (search for domain names). If it picks one of the local ISP's who does not have the ORSC list, you won't see the ORSC TLD's because it is looking in the wrong place.

We have 12 root servers, you can use any of them if you need more.

Would you like more information?

The Open Root Server Confederation (ORSC) website has a wealth of information and bylaws which explain the system and how it operates. The TLDlobby, ORSCINC and ICANN Watch are informational sites which will help you understand why your access is being controlled and your freedoms are being taken from you little by little.

Visit for information regarding the petition for a Rulemaking with DoC/NTIA.  Help us prevent them from duplicating or usurping existing TLDs simply because they refuse to recognize the rest of the world's Inclusive Name Space.

Join our Web Ring if your site is related to domain name holders' rights!

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